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  1. Players only progress to the next Fixture if they pick the correct winner.
  2. Once you lose a fixture, you are out.
  3. Multiple Entries ARE allowed.
  4. Should a game end in a draw, all entries still left progress to the next fixture.
  5. Sequence of games laid out in the PredictCoChairrai is the sequence of game play irrespective of time of throw in.
  6. Person to advance the furthest is the winner.
  7. If the last number of players get knocked out on the same fixture, the Tie-breakers are used immediately to decide the winner.
  8. The game covers a round of the county league, there is a new game for each round of the county league.
  9. Should a game be called off, postponed or abandoned and not played within 14days then that game is void and all players waiting on that result moves on to the next fixture until winner is decided.
  10. Only Fully Paid up entries are vaild. Email with your entry is NOT proof of payment. Confirmation from Paypal or valid text code  on entry is proof of payment.

11.   Tie-Breakers:

Players pick the team which they think will give them the highest scoreline.

– Players also pick a team which they think will concede the least.

Points scored will have the points conceded taken off of it and the player with the highest aggregate  score wins the competition.

Example: Player picks Dr. Crokes to score the most & Legion to concede the least.

Dr. Crokes score 2-12 (18),and Legion concede 1-5 (8).

That gives the player a final score of 10 (18-8 = 10)

–          The player with the highest aggregate score wins the Game or shares the jackpot should another person end up with the same score.

–          Note: You can Pick the same team to Score the Most & Also concede the least

12. Payout:

– Winner(s) get 50% of the prize pool and there is a minimum Jackpot of €200

– 10% of players entry goes directly to their club as indicated during entry. This is paid out at the end of the season.

– 40% is retained by Laune Rangers Gaa to cover expenses & margin.

– Prize Pool consists of net income brought in by PredictCo, eg Total Revenue brought in – minus 3rd party payment expenses. Eg. Cost of Pay Pal & Text operators costs. Other overheads are covered by Laune Rangers.

13. Results & Transparency:

Once the Deadline has passed. All entries will be displayed on “Results” page with the players First Name.

Players are free to download this list for their own verification.

Players cannot change entries once summited.

12. Judges decision is final and persons may appeal decisions by emailing

13. Fixtures taken from Kerry Co. Board Website .

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